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Small town placed in the west side of Cordoba province, into the called Vega del Guadalquivir, is 22 kms far away from Seville. The town name has an Arabian origin (Al-Mudawwar) that means El Redondo (the Round), clear reference to the top where the castle was placed.

This Castle was a very important military fortress which construction dates from the Muslim domination, although this fortress was already constructed in pre-Romans epoch. Now absolutely rebuild is private property of Marquis of La Motilla who allowed tourist visits.

The main religious monument is the baroque La Inmaculada Church. Tradition gives an ancient origin, from Reconquest´s days, to San Sebastián, although the actual fabric dates from S. XVIII.

Almodóvar´s mountain range belongs to Horanchuelos Natural Park constitutes a great example of Mediterranean forest.

GASTRONOMY: thistle cooked dish, hunted quails and wild rabbits, ?salmorejo con boquerones?, chicken croquettes, hake croquettes or meat bolls in Iberic Ham consommé.