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Melting point for three cultures, Muslim, Jews and Christians enrich each other in its living, making of Córdoba a city con an enchanting spell that will not let the visitor indifferent.

Córboba is placed over one of the most important meander of Guadalquivir River, just at the foot of Sierra Morena mountain range. Its origins dates from the domination of Cartagena´s people epoch. Around 169 b.c. Romans settle down in the city that will become soon one of the most important military and administration centres in the South of the Iberia of the Roman Empire.

The importance of Cordoba decline during the Visigoth domination, but the Arabian invasion will convert Córdoba in the most important city of Andalusia, after its transformation in the independent caliphate under the government of Abderramán I. The Islam leave deep traces in Córdoba: la Mezquita (the mosque) is a magnificent proof of these evident traces. Other Muslim characteristic places are the Al-Medina and the Axerquía neighbourhoods. Visitor can also find a ?Judería? (Jews neighbour) that was settle in the city con the caliphate approbation.

We advise the visitor to begging the travel to Córdoba, strolling around the labyrinth streets of the Judería neighbourhood, close to the Mezquita, con their whitewash houses con their traditional grilles plenty of coloured geraniums. In the Muralla street, the synagogue has s. XV Mudéjar decoration and is adorned con Hebraic inscriptions.

GASTRONOMY: bull tail and pork hands ?a la cordobesa?.