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LA Puebla de los Infantes is one of the most complete localities for the bicycle of the province of Seville. conout being totally included inside the Nature reserve of Sierra Norte, possesses especially attractive spaces both of mountain range and more flat zones, for its nearness to La Vega of the Guadalquivir River.

Once you get out of the settlement of the marsh, next to the dam of the reservoir, passing then from Seville to Córdoba province, you must take the regional highway, bordering on the reservoir and contemplating nice sightseeing of it. On the right side, the is mountain range called Sierra Alta.

Then go get to a crossroad that indicates to the right to Navas de la concepción and to the left side to Puebla de los Infantes. Take to the right descending over a very narrow highway con curves.

A bit later, in a crossroad con a rail of gravel to the left side (put up signs like to constantina to 25 kms) that goes to Las Navas de la concepción, you must take constantina's direction (to the left side of the rail). You will levae to the left side a bifurcation towards the estates of San Agustín and Sta. Inés.

When the way becomes again two road, follow on the right one till get to the highway. Almost all the way is splashed con estates. Already in the highway you will have two choices to end this tour: to the right at around 6 Kms, you will get to constantina, in the left hand, to La Puebla de los Infantes.

An easy tour, conout complications of orientation or skill) and con two different parts: one in continuous raise until the former highway that finds constantina, walking through oaks forest and typical blockheads of the Sierra Norte of Seville; and other one in descent, con cracks in the way produced by the water.