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Constantina - Cerro del Hierro (13 Km)

A few kilometres after passing CONSTANTINA, through the A-455 road, take direction San Nicolas del Puerto (S-163) till you see the sign of access to Cerro del Hierro. It is an old iron mine with the old mining town next to it. There also is a well known trekking route. The landscape, called Kárstico, is full of tunnels, paths, and rocks

Cerro del Hierro - Las Navas de la Concepción (21 km)

Following Las Navas de la Concepción road by SE-155 you pass behind Lorito´s mountain range (in your left hand).

Las Navas de la Concepción - La Puebla de Los Infantes (24 km)

The trekking route ends taking the SE-141 road to La Puebla de los Infantes. Visitor will pass by El Retortillo´s dam, that stores the waters of neighbouring mountain ranges and where you can enjoy wonderful sightseeing from its balcony.

At the beginnings of autumn, we advise you to take a different route from Las Navas de la concepción by SE-159 road till San Calixto convent, where you can hear the "berrea" (burling of the deers).