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In José Toran´s dam, you will enjoy fishing almost all year long. Stock con carps, barbels, tenca, rows, percasol you will enjoy of its beauty environment. Fishing here becomes easy because it is plenty of fishes, abundance that is the result of the great quality and sharpness of its waters and to its constant level. con an easy access, get to this places is really comfortable in its left side. Its clear shores counts con cork oaks and holm oaks that give fresh shades to the visitor, allowing him to enjoy a pleasant fishing journey.

Following the regional highway that leads to Las Navas de la concepción village, the visitor will discover the Retortillo´s dam. Surrounded con brushwoods, its clear and deep waters makes of this dam a great place to fish, where the same species can be found. Its left side is forbidden and it is not navigable. It is possible but also difficult to fish big catch.

A perfect place surrounded of wonderful landscapes where the fishing reach its authenticate sense: relaxation, tranquillity and nature.